All About Quality helps you rapidly become ISO 9001 certified, creating bespoke documentation specifically for your business

Our Quality Management Services Include

Delivering Quality Management Systems that help your business

  • Pass certifications:
    • ISO9001
    • ISO14001
    • ISO18001
    • CompTia Accreditation
    • PQASSO
  • Fit to your business
  • Increase efficiency and sales

We also provide ongoing support in the form of:

  • Internal auditing on behalf of your business
  • Long term management of your systems
  • Business improvement consultancy

Local Business with International Experience

Based in Northampton, UK, All About Quality provides services to:

  • Northamptonshire – Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Daventry
  • Buckinghamshire – Milton Keynes, Buckingham
  • Bedfordshire – Bedford
  • Leicestershire – Leicester, Market Harborough
  • West Midlands – Coventry
  • Cambridgeshire – St. Neotts, Peterborough
  • Lincolnshire – Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford
  • Nottinghamshire – Nottingham
  • Warwickshire – Warwick, Stratford upon Avon

Services available further afield

We have also had clients as far away as Australia, using video conferencing and cloud computing to provide the benefits of our service without added cost of travel.

Service Industry and Family Business Specialists

Helping growing businesses succeed by creating better working systems

All About Quality have a solid foundation in working with service based industries and family businesses that are successfully growing. Perfect if your organisation seeks to improve its knowledge base, to provide a better service and support to its client.

Flexible Approach

We pride ourselves on our modern, flexible approach to Quality Management.

Solid foundations to take your business to the next level

We are uniquely placed to understand the issues you face and can help you create the solid foundation that is needed to take your business to the next level.


Contact Cables

“Really efficient – project completed in less than one month. Listened and understood all our processes. We were expecting to have ISO processes mandated on to us, but she did a great job of integrating our existing processes into ISO. Reviewing processes also enabled efficiency improvements, especially for front end Customer management process. Would definitely recommend.”

Contact Cables Ltd, Director – Jason Thorpe

Testimonial – Contact Cables


“Ellen was a vital part of our ISO9001 certification, without her we would not have achieved it. ISO9001 is the driver for Hollowells moving forward with business improvements, Ellen’s methodical approach to understanding current business practices, and identifying areas for improvement proved invaluable. Hollowells is a family business, the funeral industry is unique and is foreign (as well as a little bit scary) to many people. Ellen was able to apply her skills objectively and sensitively to achieve the desired results, even where initially there was a certain amount of resistance.”

Jon Farmer – Hollowells Funeral Directors

Testimonial – Hollowells


“Ellen rescued my belief in the ISO 9001 standard, changing our old manual from a QMS supplier from being a huge boring doorstop into a tailored document that reflected our company and its style perfectly and along with her support in auditing us regularly has stood us in good stead when we changed over to BSI auditing and helped us maintain our status over a 3 year cycle of visits with only an odd minor nonconformity from each BSI audit , thoroughly recommend Ellen’s work.”

Colin Todd – MMV Contracting

Testimonial – MMV Contracting

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Our Service

Far to often Quality Manuals are dusty, unused paper copies stuck on a top shelf somewhere. We love to change that. Making the quality manual, procedures and systems easily understood and used by everyone in your business.
There is little point in putting in systems that no one can use. Everything is based on what is practical for your business.
We do not use a generic template and make that fit your business. We create bespoke systems, manuals, procedures and templates specifically for your business. This makes sure it is completely relevant to you.
Jargon Free
Jargon is a barrier to understanding and successful communication. We break through this barrier by explaining things in simple, useful, relevant ways. All documents we write for you will also be jargon free. This will help you get the most value out of your Quality Management System.
We aim to make sure you understand what we are doing , why we are doing it and how it will help you. We love to research and share best practice we have come across.
Works with You
We care that you get great value out of our service and work hard to make sure this happens. To do this we do need to work with you to come up with systems suited to you, to review documents written for you and make sure the service is successful for you.
Raises Standards
By improving your Quality Management System you are improving your business. By making Quality a key part of everyday life it means you save time and money while increasing quality and customer satisfaction.
With many years in Quality Management related roles we have a wealth of experience. Feel free to pop on over to the Who am I? page for the full story.

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