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Been Told You Can’t Edit Your Quality Manual?

In the past 5 years since I started my consultancy I have had several clients tell me that their Quality Consultant will not let them edit their very own Quality Manual or associated templates. The Quality consultants are also the external auditors in these cases and pass the companies for their ISO9001 certification. Does that […]

Why I love the e-myth (part 2)

Defining Roles in Your Business In this second entry in my series of blogs on why I love ‘The E-Myth’, I want to focus on the three business-related personality traits identified by Michael Gerber. All business owners and their employees, has elements of all three traits in their personality, but in almost everybody, one trait […]

Why I love the E-Myth (part 1)

I’m a great advocate of the principles of Quality related by Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, as I firmly believe that All About Quality’s own principles align with them very well. So what are these principles? Well, as far as I’m concerned, the core issue is that the Business Development Process, of […]

Why you don’t want ISO 9001 for your business

For a start, ISO 9001 costs you money and time. Time and money are precious resources.  Why waste it on something you don’t want or need?  What’s even worse is ISO9001 makes you do all sorts of things you just don’t want to do like record Management Reviews or put in new systems that just […]

Getting Things Done and Wunderlist

Quality is all about continual improvement so I’ve been re-reading the latest edition of ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen in order to help increase my productivity. I started an MSc in Total Quality Management and Organisational Excellence last month and need to schedule time very carefully to ensure I get everything done on time.  […]

Reducing Risk and Understanding Personal Protective Equipment

As well as reducing the risk of workplace accidents even occurring in the first place, minimising their impact is an employers ethical and legal obligation. It’s through an understanding and provision of the correct Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) that employers can be sure that their staff are protected against the ever-present risks of injury that […]

Return on Investment in your Referral Relationships

What we’re looking for in our business is profit, a good financial return on the investment we make. Marketing is the key investment we make to win the clients who will bring in that return on investment. And we measure what we put in, investment on a website, pay per click advertising costs, sales calls […]

Are you planning to sell your business?

Are you planning on selling your business? Do you have plans to sell your business?  Doesn’t matter if the plan is to sell it now or sometime in the distant future. The main thing is that you have a plan to sell your business. So the question I ask you is if you want to […]

5 ways to improve your business

When your a small business the thought of implementing a standard such as ISO9001 may seem daunting task.  However that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve what your doing in a systematic way.  The 5s Quality methodology is ideally suited to small businesses. The 5s’s will help get your business into top shape so that […]