Why I love the E-Myth (part 1)

I’m a great advocate of the principles of Quality related by Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, as I firmly believe that All About Quality’s own principles align with them very well.

So what are these principles? Well, as far as I’m concerned, the core issue is that the Business Development Process, of which Quality Management is a key part, should become an integral feature of the business and play a core role in communication between participants in the Quality Management process.

In this way, the concept of Quality acquires a real relevance to the business, its personnel and its activities, as part of the recipe for successful business life. As Gerber writes:

“Continuous improvement for it’s own sake is a waste of time.

Life is what a business is about, and life is what this work is about. Coming to grips with oneself, in the face of an incredibly complex world that can teach us if we’re open to learn.”

(Gerber, M. ‘The E-Myth Revisited 1995, p.132)

This is precisely what I want All About Quality to stand for. When I go into a company to advise them on Quality Management and Business Improvement, I want this process to be far more than just filling out forms and ticking boxes. I want it to be a process of continuous learning.

However, continuous learning should always have a proper purpose in your business.

I want the solutions AAQ helps in implement to be a real benefit to the company’s activities long-term; in the way things are done, the way processes are followed and matters are communicated. I aim to take the approach advocated by E-Myth Worldwide; I create processes that take into account the specific requirements of clients and their companies as a whole, rather than adopting a narrow focus.

Michael Gerber writes of the Business Development Process as a metaphor for personal transformation. In particular, he draws attention to the following points that a BDP should be about:

“For developing real skills within a structure of your own design. For understanding the dynamics of change, of value, of understanding, of thought.”

(Gerber, M. ‘The E-Myth Revisited 1995, p.133)

This is what All About Quality strives to do when working with our clients. I see my work as much more than helping clients achieve ISO9001 certification – although obviously this is still a key goal! But as part of that process, I aim to help companies I work with develop and grow in ways suitable to them, not as part of a prescribed, one-size-fits-all framework.

If you’d like your company to gain ISO9001 certification, and would also like help in developing a Business Improvement plan that will give an overall boost to your company’s prospects, then why not give me, Ellen at All About Quality, a call on 01604210488. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Getting Things Done and Wunderlist

Quality is all about continual improvement so I’ve been re-reading the latest edition of ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen in order to help increase my productivity. I started an MSc in Total Quality Management and Organisational Excellence last month and need to schedule time very carefully to ensure I get everything done on time.  I have been practising ‘The 2 minute rule’ of getting things done that take under 2 minutes that fall into my inbox for quite some time.  That helped increase my productivity no end and regularly enables me to get to ‘Inbox Zero’.  What I needed to do now was to figure out a better way to manage my ‘to-do’ list and projects.

I’m glued to my iphone and computer most days so it made sense to start using an electronic ‘to-do’ list application.  I decided after trying quite a few to stick with ‘Wunderlist’.  It is available on all platforms, easy to use, has capability to sort lists into folders and has sub-tasks which can be used as checklists. So far this is the folder structure I have come up with:

  • Inbox – This is my collectbox of all ideas and actions
  • Clients – All actions to do with my clients goes in here
  • Business Projects – This folder has all my projects for my business in it
  • Finance – This has anything related to Finance in it
  • Networking – This helps remind me of commitments made while out networking
  • Personal – All my personal projects go under here
  • Shopping – I hate shopping so keeping a list helps make that efficient as possible!
  • MSc – This is where I keep all my MSc related projects
  • Someday – Projects and ideas that I want to do someday

I’m sure this list will evolve over time, but for now it works for me.

The next thing I need to implement is the weekly review.  This is where you review all your folders and allocate next actions to complete.  Using the sub-tasks section in Wunderlist I have created a ‘Weekly Review Checklist’ for this purpose.

Having set all this up I feel confident it will increase my productivity and help me continually improve my service to clients.   If you want help setting up a system to improve your productivity just give me a call on 01604210488

5 ways to improve your business

When your a small business the thought of implementing a standard such as ISO9001 may seem daunting task.  However that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve what your doing in a systematic way.  The 5s Quality methodology is ideally suited to small businesses. The 5s’s will help get your business into top shape so that when the time comes from you to implement standards like ISO9001 you will already have the foundation for it embedded into your business. The 5s’s are listed below. These apply equally well to those who work in services and use computers as their ‘workbench’ as it does for manufacturing and engineering companies.

1 – SORT

  • Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly 
  • Make work easier by eliminating obstacles 
  • Reduce chance of being disturbed by unnecessary items
  • Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items
  • Remove all parts not in use
  • Segregate unwanted materials 
  • Don’t keep or segregate unneeded items



  • Arrange all items so they are easily selected to use
  • Prevent waste and loss of time
  • Make it easy to pick up and find necessary items
  • Make workflow easier and smoother
  • Make things regular



  • Sweep, sanitize and scrub
  • Clean workplace completely
  • Use cleaning as inspection
  • Prevent equipment deterioration
  • Keep workplace easy and safe to use
  • Keep your workplace pleasing to work in



  • Standardise all best practices in workplace
  • Maintain standards of housekeeping
  • Maintain everything in order and according to its standard
  • Everything in its right place
  • Every process has its standard



  • To keep in working order
  • To do without being told
  • Perform regular audits
  • Training and discipline
  • Get feedback regularly


Hope the above list has given you some idea on how to improve your business.  I did this as a presentation at networking once and alot of people reported they went home and cleared there computers and desks of all old and irrelevant items so found immediate benefit from it.

All About Quality helps clients implement 5s in their businesses by working systematically through a checklist, helping them implement the steps and holding them accountable to changes made. If you would like to have a 5s improvement programme for your business no matter how small or large pleased contact me on 01604210488.