Why you don’t want ISO 9001 for your business

For a start, ISO 9001 costs you money and time. Time and money are precious resources.  Why waste it on something you don’t want or need?  What’s even worse is ISO9001 makes you do all sorts of things you just don’t want to do like record Management Reviews or put in new systems that just seem to add bureaucracy to the company.  The most common complaint I hear is that ISO9001 increases the amount of paperwork in a company and have to agree it generally does.  You then have to pay for a Quality Consultant to help you implement this unwanted system. On top of that, you have some external auditing company also charging you money to come in and ask you lots of intrusive questions that you just don’t like being asked.  After all, who likes to be audited and shown they are just not that perfect after all?  (I don’t for one!). Once you have ISO9001, it doesn’t automatically guarantee you will win work either. It just enables you to maybe tick a box on a tender and save a few hours’ work. Hardly worth it, is it?

I hear you. I also agree with you, as when ISO9001 is implemented half-heatedly, with no attention to how it is adding value to your company then it is indeed a waste of time and resources.

However, when ISO9001 is viewed as a tool to help your company grow and develop, it is great value for money tool that you actually need.

ISO9001 is crucial for any business that wants a firm foundation for growth.  If you use the standard as a positive tool in your business then, among other things, it will:

a)                Clarify what you do and how you do it.

b)                Help you get the most out of your employees.

c)                Give you a framework to manage your business objectively, to help you grow in the direction you want to go in.

d)                Enable you to bid for work with some blue-chip companies and large organisations such as the NHS or government agencies, which wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have the standard.

The benefits vary depending on your company as every business is different.

But what about those negative points mentioned in first paragraph?

Well, the answer is to make sure that when you implement ISO9001, you understand why you are implementing everything. Don’t just do it because you are told you have to by a consultant somewhere.  You need to understand:

·        Why it is a good idea to have documented procedures (then having them won’t bother you).

·        Why formal Management Reviews with notes taken are a good idea that will help you grow your business how you want to.

·        Why you are spending money on a Quality Consultant and External auditor (bringing in expertise  you don’t have, and to make sure you get that all-important certificate at the end to help improve sales)

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